Bluehost Review – How it Stands in India? [2021]

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Today, Bluehost is a popular brand among people in the digital marketing industry and primarily a great hosting choice for beginners and small businesses.

Bluehost offers different web hosting solutions, which are all designed to help you create your website or eCommerce store with ease – from web hosting to website building software. Furthermore, their hosting plans features unbeatable uptime, free CDN, unlimited add-on domains, free backups, great loading speed, and reliable security.


It’s pretty simple: Bluehost offers every single web hosting service you could ever ask for, including shared hosting, WordPress optimized hosting, eCommerce hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers.

With their “managed” hosting package, all the technical aspects of your website will be handled by them, including:
Keeping those pesky WordPress plugins updated
Updating the core
Taking care of security issues
But aside from these benefits, here are some of the features we love in Bluehost, and why we highly recommend it for you.

1. Impressive Loading Time

While looking for a good web host, one of the most critical performance metrics you should always look out for is speed. It not only affects your website’s user experience, but it equally affects your website rankings in the search engines.

Studies conducted by Strange Loop Networks show that “a 1-second delay in website loading time can reduce your conversion rate by 7%. It’ll also result in an 11% loss in page views and a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction.”

In other words, slow websites often lead to lower sales.

2. Low Introductory Pricing

At just $2.95 per month, Bluehost offers one of the cheapest hosting pricing on the internet. And you will get everything you need to comfortably host one website at that insanely cheap price. That includes:
50 GB SSD storage
Free SSL certificate
Unmetered bandwidth
Free domain registration
So with all these, you’ll absolutely get great value for your money, in addition to their great page loading speeds and excellent uptime.
Trust me; this is one of the lowest rates you’ll ever see anywhere online. So it’s a fantastic deal if you’re looking for a new affordable web host.

3. Impressive Uptime Guarantee

Uptime is another vital thing to consider when planning to buy a host. Remember that people can’t access a website that is down. So maintaining a consistent uptime should be among your priorities.

Excitingly, this is another place Bluehost really excels at. It’s comfortably keeping up to 99.99% of uptime for the past three years.

The screenshot below shows the Bluehost’s uptime for the past 10-months:

4. 3rd Party Integrations

You’ll also have access to a massive number of 3rd integrations that you’ll need to efficiently manage your website.

For instance, you can easily install your favorite content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and even WooCommerce directly from your cPanel.

Furthermore, you’ll have access to a Content Delivery Network (CDN), which will help to reduce the work on your servers and boost loading speed.

5. Officially recommended by

WordPress is the most popular content management system on the market. I bet you know that already.

However, what’s more interesting is that Bluehost is one of their “officially” recommended web hosts to build a WordPress site, apart from SiteGround and Dreamhost.

You can obviously use almost any web hosting solution to build a WordPress website. However, Bluehost being among the officially acknowledged partners is indeed inspiring.

6. Generous money-back Guarantee

Bluehost also gives its users a generous money-back guarantee (30-days). While it’s not so long when compared to some other hosting guarantees, such as DreamHost that offer 97 days, or InMotion hosting that offers 90 days, or even HostGator that offers 45-days, it’s still long enough to decide if you truly like their service or not.

Provided you cancel within the 30-day refund period, you’ll undoubtedly get a complete refund.

However, if you cancel after the 30-day guarantee period, you will get a prorated refund for the remaining of your term.

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